Meet The Bumblejums

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Welcome to the world of the Bally Bo!

The Bumblejums are nature's friends who live high above the clouds in this magical land . 

Join us on our adventures, listen to our fun music and read our book!

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Jon looks after the Plants


Jem is the Sunshine Girl

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Jo looks after the Water


Loey is the Bumblejum's woodland friend

Home to the Bumblejums, Raindrop cottage is an eco friendly dwelling high in the clouds. When you venture deep into Dandy Forest you will find the Bumblejums at home by the river.


Sing along to

"Raindrop Cottage"

The Hall


Jon is the green fingered gardener with grass for hair! You can usually find him in his vegetable patch

Singalong to his Garden song :

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The Bumblejums love sailing their boat on Russell River.
If you see them - say Hi!

Singalong to : 

"On the River Today"

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They have a magic balloon made of leaves!

The Bumblejums love to float high above Bally Bo.

Listen as they take off!

"Balloon in the Sky"

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The Bumblejums always sit side by side to watch the sun go down...

You can be a Bumblejum too by taking care of nature. Listen to:

"Side by Side"

Sing along to Jo's song.


Sing along to Jem's song.


Sing along to Jay's song.

"Clouds are Passing"

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 11.35.11.png

Be sure to watch out for mean old Balgo - He's always up to no good. 


The Bumblejums have to stop Balgo ruining everything!


Loey knows all about The Bumblejums and will personally welcome you to Bally Bo! 

Listen to him here:

"The Bumblejums Theme"

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 15.07.14.png

"My children are 4 and 2 and I could barely get the book out of the envelope before they whipped it off me!  The book is lovely and bright and really appeals to small children.  The characters are easily recogniseable and help the children to learn more about the environment."

2 Stars & a Swirl

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